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Hair Units

Carter Creative offer professional, custom, non surgical hair replacement solutions in private, confidential surroundings

Custom Hair Units are great way to restore your confidence if hair loss is a problem that effects your daily life

please take a moment to read through the booking process & FAQ’s

Booking Process:

  • Fill in the form below with your contact information and a description of your requirements

  • Email photos of the front, back & both sides of your head to (I'll need to see your hair growth pattern if possible, please let it grow for a few days if you normally shave your head)

  • Please allow 1 to 3 days to receive a response ** Phone calls & face to face consultation not always necessary**

  • You will need to grow the hair on the back and sides of your head to allow for a seamless transition or blending into the hair replacement unit. The required length depends on the desired style

  • After we’ve agreed on a style & hair replacement type we can look into getting an appointment booked

  • A patch test kit will be posted to check for allergic reactions (Allow 2 - 3 days for postage) 24 - 48 hours for self patch test results

  • Confirmed appointments are subject to a non refundable deposit (Email & Text reminders will be sent the day before & on the day) I’ll allow one appointment reschedule. Appointments are subject to availability.

  • Hair replacement systems are created or fitted during your appointment (usually 2 - 3 hours) to be attended in person & can’t be posted

  • browse style galleries below complete with prices & required deposits

  • See the forum above for maintenance tips & day in the life experiences from previous clients to help you understand what its like to live with a hair system from sleeping to removal

  • feel free to ask any more questions, I’ve tried my best to cover most of the questions i’m usually asked in the FAQ section below

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Scalp Exposure Hair Unit & Low Wave Hair Unit 

Last for 1 - 4 Weeks dependent on lifestyle

Suitable for receding hairline & thinning crown area

Complete with full haircut & beard shape or shave

£150 (£50 non refundable deposit)


Custom Curl / Afro Hair Unit

Last up to 2 - 3 Months dependent on lifestyle

Suitable for receding hairline & thinning crown area

Complete with full haircut & beard shape or shave

£250 (£50 non refundable deposit)


Custom Lace Unit & Low Wave Lace Unit

Last up to 3 - 4 Months dependent on lifestyle

Sweat, Water Durable & Re-usable, can be washed & reapplied

Suitable for receding hairline & thinning crown area

Complete with full haircut & beard shape or shave

£350 (£100 non refundable deposit)

*Maintenance will be required from anything between 2 - 8 weeks depending on lifestyle as hair will continue to grow as normal underneath the lace. Prices range from £25 - £100*


T’s & C’s: All deposits are nonrefundable. Clients who cancel their appointments within 24 hours will be able to reschedule once at no additional cost. There are no refunds on hair unit services. If you are not satisfied with the service you received, please contact me immediately so that we can discuss any issues or concerns you may have. I will do my best to work with you to come up with a solution. You will be required to complete a damage waiver form upon arrival.

Hair Unit FAQ'S

What is a hair unit?
A hair unit, commonly referred to as a “man weave,” is a hair extension for men who are balding or experiencing hair loss due to aging or alopecia.

What is the difference between a custom hair unit and a toupee?
Custom hair units are versatile and allow the client to choose from a variety of styles that blend with their natural hair. Units are also more secure than the average toupee.

How does the hair unit stay in place?
A protectant, and an adhesive made for hair, is used to keep the unit in place.

Is there any type of surgical procedure performed?
There are no surgical procedures or damaging chemicals applied to the client’s hair or scalp.

How long does the process take?
The process could take from anything between 2 - 3 hours depending on the desired style.

Is an in-person consultation possible or required?
I do offer a personal consultation. To schedule an appointment, please use the contact form and send 1–3 photos of your current hairstyle to the provided email address (front, both sides, and back poses) along with 1–2 photos of your desired hairstyle.

Are dread lock/braid/twist and long hair unit options available?
Yes, they would have to be ordered in advance.

How long do the units last?
Hair units can last up to 4 months depending on the style / unit you select and your lifestyle.

Can I order the hair unit and have it shipped to me?
No. All custom hair units must be done in person.

Should I purchase and supply my own hair?
We provide everything you need at the appointment.

Can I get the unit wet (e.g., exercising, shower, rain, etc.)?
You can perform your daily activities including exercising; however, we do not recommend excessive exposure to water. The more exposure to water, the looser the unit will become (this includes sweating).

Can the unit be taken off, washed, and reapplied?
The Custom Lace Unit can be cleaned and reapplied.

How do I maintain the unit if I live in a different part of the country and cannot travel back and forth to Damian regularly?
When you arrive for your appointment, I will show you how to maintain the style and answer any questions you have. I can also provide tips and instructions for your local barber/stylist.

Can I get a regular shape up with the hair unit?
Yes, you can still get a regular shape up as often as needed to maintain the style

Feel free to get in touch if you still have any questions